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We are Palestinian Embroidered Badges

We are Palestinian Embroidered Badges

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Our thoughtfully designed Embroidery Iron On Badges. Created by our dedicated team, each badge is a wearable expression of solidarity with Palestine, allowing you to infuse your own wardrobe with meaning.

•Choose from four exclusive designs that showcase symbols of unity, resilience, and hope, beautifully embroidered to enhance any garment.

•Elevate your clothing with a personal touch! These iron-on badges make it easy for you to customize your favorite pieces, turning them into powerful statements of support.

•With 20% of the proceeds donated to the MATW Foundation, your purchase extends beyond personal style, contributing to meaningful causes that make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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The badges feature heat cut borders, guaranteeing sharp and clean edges that enhance the overall aesthetic. Crafted using the highest quality thread available and with an iron-on backing, application is a breeze – simply heat and bond to your favorite garments effortlessly.


Our Badges are 51mm- the perfect addition to any of your clothing and accessories!

Care information

Gently wash your garments with the badges attached, using mild detergent and cold water. Avoid harsh chemicals and refrain from using a tumble dryer. When ironing, turn your garment inside out and use a low-heat setting, applying gentle pressure on the badge. This will preserve the vibrancy of the embroidery and maintain the integrity of the iron-on backing. By following these care instructions, you'll keep your badges looking sharp and proudly expressing solidarity with Palestine for years to come.

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